Policy hos familysearch för ställföreträdande arbete

Det är inte helt lätt att veta vem man får göra ställföreträdande arbete för. För att ta reda på vad som verkligen gäller  ställde jag frågan direkt till Familysearch. Det här är svaret som jag fick. För den som har en släkting i rakt nedstigande led som dödades i förintelsen blir situationen inte helt enkel. Jesu Kristi Kyrka har gjort en överenskommelse med företrädare för judiska grupper om att inte tillåta ställföreträdande dop för dem som dog i förintelsen.

The policy is very simple and the brethren do not want to be in the business of examining every name to ensure that it complies. Much like tithing, a broad definition is given, and it is up to each person to decide personally if they are complying or not. Here is the policy:

We must not submit names for temple work for those to whom we are not

We must not submit names of holocaust victims or celebrities

We can submit names of those to whom we suspect a relationship, based on
our research, and the person having the same surname and is living at the
time in a confined geographic area close to those to whom we have shown a

That is the policy. If there is a question about what ”related” means, it
might be best to ask a genealogist. They can easily examine your tree and
tell you who is and who is not related to you. Everyone in a direct
ancestral line is generally related. Collateral lines, meaning siblings of
direct line individuals, are also related, as are their spouses through
marriage. However, the ancestors of those spouses of the collateral
(sibling) lines are not related.

As for holocaust victims, even if they are your direct line ancestors you
should not submit their names without first clearing it with Church
Headquarters. This is so we can comply with our agreement with our Jewish
friends. You can contact HQ through the Feedback button on FamilySearch.

We hope this helps,